Copywriting That Delivers Results!

  • Got an emergency job that’s on fire for fresh copy?
  • Does the copy the client provided need spicing up?
  • Need an experienced freelance copywriter who eats deadlines for snacks?
Copy Chef

Hot Fresh Copy in a Jiffy™!

Relax, pour yourself a glass of wine - and leave the writing to Copy Chef!

Copy Chef Kyle Albert writes content that builds your brand by speaking directly to your market in a way that is informative and engaging. And he always delivers!

Copy Chef

Got a taste for something fresh? Call Copy Chef!

Copywriting is much like cooking. It begins with quality ingredients – the meat and potatoes, if you will – concise, thoughtful, fact-based copy chock full of benefits. But to kick things up a notch and season your corporate voice with the right flavors to delight the taste buds of your target market requires a world-class Copy Chef.

Copy Chef

Up against a deadline? Snappy Service with a Smile!

Chef Kyle’s tagline (Hot Fresh Copy in a Jiffy™) didn’t just fall out of a box of corn flakes. He keeps customers coming back by delivering tantalizing copywriting at lightning speed (a jiffy is a unit of time developed by NASA that equates to 1/100 of a second). 

Because everything tastes better when it’s served hot and fresh.

Copy Chef

Got a light budget? Order Ala Carte!

Chef Kyle routinely whips up mouthwatering copy that runs the gamut from button-down corporate to full-tilt gonzo for ad agencies large and small and businesses from Mom and Pop startups to market leaders – in industries ranging from tech to real estate and everything in between – all at prices that leave room for dessert!

Copy Chef


Copy Chef

Delectable Print Ads

Chef Kyle loves to brainstorm with designers and creative directors. From big data to real estate, he has pleased the palates of agencies and corporations nationwide.
Copy Chef

Hot ‘N Juicy Web Content

Beautiful web design deserves content that hits the right notes to highlight benefits in a way that readers understand and enjoy. Chef Kyle has been delivering refreshing web copy for a wide spectrum of clients – from networking software to car parts – since 1994.
Copy Chef

Email that Hits the Spot

Targeted email is the most powerful direct marketing medium today, and Chef Kyle serves it up hot and tasty for his clients every day.
Copy Chef

Memorable Radio and TV

Frequency alone isn’t enough to win hearts and minds – the script better be compelling, and a touch of humor always helps. From red-hot Tex Mex to downhome diner fare, Chef Kyle delivers scripts that customers remember.
Copy Chef

Randy Snow, VP Creative Services

Dunn Reber Glenn Marz Advertising, Las Vegas

"Kyle is highly intelligent and quick to grasp concepts, strategies, and objectives. His ability to produce a large volume of quality work quickly and consistently under intense (and sometimes ridiculous) deadline pressures was tested nearly every day. He never failed. As a producer, Kyle was a quick study. I can highly recommend Kyle for any copywriting or writer/producer positions you may have. He will make an excellent addition to any creative department." 

Lawrence D. Thompson, VP Marketing

Shepard's/McGraw-Hill, Colorado Springs

"Kyle's talents and his ability to work well with others won him the respect of his peers as well as management. He always sought out new and challenging assignments, and I could always count on Kyle in a pinch -- whether it was a short deadline, a new project, etc. I heartily recommend Kyle Albert to you and believe he would make an outstanding contribution to your company."

Marla Halley

Co-Founder and Partner at Blue Vines Events & Marketing

Kyle does indeed offer great copy in a jiffy! Our Agency has hired Kyle several times to create content for a very technical client. He always offers a great product and works very quickly, without sacrificing quality.

Andy Meng

Owner at Timberline Webworks, Inc.

Kyle is a great copywriter who I turn to when I need quality results on time, and on budget. Kyle generates words that are more than just well written, grammatically correct copy. He does his homework on the project to create copy that takes on a personality that meshes with and enhances the job at hand. His ability to work with many different styles is a breath of fresh air in the stale atmosphere of standard boilerplate copywriting. I highly recommend Kyle for any copywriting work you might need.

Tom Young

Owner and CEO, Intuitive Websites, LLC

Kyle has provided content for our clients on several occasions. H is our go to writer when we need challenging work done on time and on budget. I highly recommend Kyle for your content needs.

Copy Chef

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